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Creating a Culture of Holistic Health and Wellness for Everyone Worldwide.

Meet Dr. Shashi


My goal is to give a quality lifestyle without the need for medication or surgery. Slow down your aging process.

 I also want to decrease the cost of medical health, decrease medical waste and contamination of our environment. 

My mission is to create a holistic culture of health by helping individuals and our environment. Join me in this mission and let me help you and your loved ones.

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Intensive Holistic Body Transformation Sessions
These sessions will help you create new habits ,which become lasting behaviors , by which you can manage your health without having the stress of remembering constantly.
Great for stress management , weight release and slow down your aging process. Also prevent and reverse chronic diseases like diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease etc.
Start your transformation today !!

Recipes & Tips 


Here I share with you my insights and

knowledge on weight loss, weight management,

holistic wellness and food intake.

Follow me and let's journey to a better you.

Testimonial from the Clients


Hello, my name is Jonalyn, I'm 57 years young. After spending years being miserable with my belly bloating, 2 1/2 years ago I joined a health group on FB. Through this group I realized that I couldn’t eat the foods I ate when I was in my 20s, 30s and 40s. I had to start eating clean and healthy foods. No gluten, no processed foods, and no dairy. I succeeded and lost 9 lbs., after 6 months into the program, my gut became intolerant to some of the new foods on the program,I had introduced to my system. And I gained back all 9 lbs! 

To no relief of the bloating everyday, I had numerous tests which my gastro Dr. I had a colonoscopy in 2016, also last last year I had an upper GI, and an ultrasound of my stomach and ovaries. All of these tests were normal, which I am grateful for, but still no answer to why my belly was blowing up every single time I ate...especially in the afternoon before dinner. I didn’t even want to eat dinner. 


A month ago I ran across Dr. Shashi Ghodake’s video on FB about her being a health coach. I had already known of her through the health program and have done several workout videos with her. After listening to her how she also suffered from health issues, I trusted that she knew what I was going through with my gut issues. I agreed to sign up for her to coach me for 3 months, and I’m so glad I did. Dr. Ghodake has taught me how to be aware of what I am eating, how to eat, and when to eat. I used to actually think that food was going to blow me up even before I ate it! She has taught me to think of my food as food that will give me energy and slim my belly. To eat foods for energy and not for pleasure. To be more conscious of how I feel when I eat, and to be grateful for the foods I can have - not to focus on the foods I can’t have. She gives  you customized plan. Everyone's different, something  which  works  for one may not  work  for  others.


As of today, I have lost 2-3 lbs. since I’ve been under Dr. Ghodake’s coaching advise. My stomach is happier than it’s been in a long time. It all takes determination, commitment and a mind set that you CAN do it! I highly recommend Dr. Shashi Ghodake’s health coaching to those of you who are struggling with health & weight and the foods that you eat. 

Wishing you all good health,


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ph no: +1-860 874 6370

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